Why choose Creative Solutions?


You’d expect a creative agency to work in creative ways, so it should come as no surprise that we do.

Creative Solutions forms the centre of a dynamic hub. We only work with the best talent we can find, and we only employ that talent when it meets our clients’ needs. 


Here are just some of the people that form part of the Creative Solutions team:

creative design

Jeremy Rose

David Standley

Peter Withers

writing / translation

Paul Johnson

Kari Payne

Andy Sivell

Levent Yildizgoren

video / digital

David Anderson

Robin Bailey

Simon Thomas


Mike Cameron

Matt Fagg

Howard Ley

exhibitions / events

Chris Buck

Kam Chana

Chantelle Curtis

Jeremy Rose


Giles Bowes

John Musgrove

Simon Walsh

Lorna Ward

You can’t be creative if you’re wearing a straight-jacket. We work hard and (at times) all hours, but we work to our own rules. We believe that a £400 logo deserves the same attention to detail as a £40,000 exhibition stand. We believe that our suppliers deserve the same courtesy that we extend to our clients. And we believe no-one ever expelled their last breath with the words, “I wish I’d spent less time with family and friends!”

Who we are 

Tricia Jackson

Tricia heads up the editorial team for the award-winning community magazine Newport News. With two dogs, three children, twenty fish and a growing number of pet rabbits, feeding time at home is an interesting experience! Tricia combines an obvious talent for juggling with  responsibility for running the office and accounts. An avid sewing bee and wealder of the trowel, Tricia creates bunting and home decorations for market sales, and has transformed the family back garden into a riot of colour.

Jeremy Rose

Combining a passion for community and small business with a determination to bring better design into our daily lives, Jeremy is the driving force behind Creative Solutions – and a hundred local initiatives. 

He founded Newport Business Association, initiated the refurbishment of Newport Railway Station, has worked as a district councillor, spoken at schools and instigated road safety campaigns, to name but a few. 


A keen computer and board game enthusiast, he loves painting and sketching for pleasure, and is looking forward to seeing his first novel, Milton: world’s apart, published next year.

We manage talent.


We deliver solutions.


We meet deadlines.


We exceed


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