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 As part of its commitment towards preserving and protecting the world’s scarce resources construction giant Balfour Beatty operates an annual company-wide ‘sustainability month’. 

The theme was ‘Together for Tomorrow’. The initiative was subscribed to by offices in Europe, North America, China, Africa and India. In mid-April we began work on an information pack that was to include logos, as well as PowerPoint, T-shirt, banner stand, poster and card templates – all of which had to be delivered by May!


Delivery was via FTP download to over 750 recipients worldwide. To say that it was well-received would be an understatement. Initially, we were asked to supplement the existing pack with 50 new poster designs – to be delivered within one week. This was followed by a request for a 12-page newsletter, which rapidly grew to a 24-page newsletter, complete with video and web links. More T-shirt and banner design requests followed. 


All were produced on time and within budget.


The Balfour Beatty ‘Together for Tomorrow’ information pack was ultimately downloaded more than 14,500 times before it was eventually taken off-line.

Our ‘Together for Tomorrow’ initiative 
was a huge success from start to finish. Creative Solutions deserve considerable credit for designing themes and materials that everyone could immediately relate to. Thank you.

Amy Dawson

Liaison Manager & Secretary, Major Projects

Balfour Beatty

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